1. Q: Is this a feminist news blog?

A: Not exactly.  Though I do tend to post a lot of things relating to feminist news and a lot of my posts are summaries of articles or other blog posts that are feminist news, this blog isn’t strictly about feminist news since I also sometimes write posts about my thoughts or reflections about something on here.

2. Is this also a promotion blog for other feminist blogs/websites?

No.  Though it may also appear that my blog is to promote other feminist blogs or websites because of all the links to other feminist blogs or website or just blogs and websites in general, I don’t do it in order to promote these blogs or websites.  I only do so to give credit to the sources from where I gather information from for my posts.

4. Do you use this blog to criticize things that you feel are against feminism?

Once again, not exactly.  Though there are lot of things that I am quite critical of that I also believe are detrimental to feminism, I don’t use this blog mainly to criticize these things.  There are also plenty of positive things that are happening that are also advancing the cause of feminism which I like to write about just as much from time to time

3. Q: Do you think your posts for this blog will change over time?

I don’t really think my posts for this blog will change overtime.  I think I will continue mainly post about feminist news and my personal thoughts and reflections, but I also think that if they are to change at all over time, they will probably be much more organized and structured.

4. Q: Do you think your posts make any impact to the online feminist community?

I also don’t really think the things that I write about in this blog make any significant impact on the online feminist community (at least not ye).  Though I don’t doubt the possibility of my writing having an impact on a few individuals in the feminist community online, or the possibility of this blog one having any kind of significant impact.

5. What is your ultimate goal for this blog?

That’s rather hard to say since I haven’t really put any thoughts into having any ultimate goals for this blog.  I suppose for now you could say that my goal is that hopefully this blog an help me get a job working for a feminist orgainzation, such as writing a blog for them or orking in their press relations department so I can help the organization


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