What’s Influencing Misogynistic Behavior?

So in my last post on this blog, I wrote in in response to an article I read on the New York Daily News about the rather hostile misogynistic that several young men in the country are believing in as being properly masculine.  Though I wrote a summary of the article and expressed my personal opinion about the issue, there’s still more that I feel I have to say, and even more importantly that I have to question.

First of all I would like to address all young men who thing being misogynistic is an appropriate way to portray yourself as being properly masculine or that you won’t be seen as being properly masculine if you do are not misogynistic.  Personally I don’t think that a guy;s masculinity should EVER depend on or be judged by how misogynistic you are to women and girls.  Masculinity is purely opinion based and although part of that depends on the opinion of others, most importantly it depends on your own opinion of what’s properly masculine.  If you find being respectful and sensitive to the issues faced by women and girls and all people for that matter than so be it, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Furthermore I think guys being misogynistic in an attempt to be properly masculine or guys who really are misogynistic are straight up cowards.  There is nothing at all you have to lose from women having equal status or being equally respected in all levels of society in comparison to men, and if you’re misogynistic because you think there is, or because you’re uncomfortable with something about yourself and therefore feel the need to take it out on women and girls, than your misogyny is only a reflection of your irrational fear.

Since I’m also aware that there are more reasons behind misogynistic behavior in young men than what I have already said,  I’d like to further question as to what contributes to the misogynistic behaviors of young men in this country.   I believe the media has heavy influential impact on this, since we often see in movies and TV shows that the stereotypical male who is always well respected by his peers and the rest of society is someone who is always gets the girl (or several girls) no matter how disrespectful and demeaning he is to them, and all of his personal problems always seem to be solved with violent aggression (particularly in action movies).

I have seen several guys try to conform to this stereotype in an attempt to show themselves as being properly masculine, and I have seen several cases that have ended in disappointment and personal dissatisfaction with one’s self.  However I’m also certain that there are other factors influencing misogynistic behavior among young men in this country, So I’d like to end this post with an open question to my followers and anyone else who reads this blog, what are some of the things you believe is influencing misogynistic behavior among young men in this country?


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