Feminism as told by a Feminist

According to Dictionary.com, feminism is defined as the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

However, feminism still means a lot of things to different people.

There’s some people who say that they’re not feminists because they like to promote equal rights for both genders, not just women. I believe that equality for both sexes is unrealistic because each respective gender has its own qualms and cannot fall under the same category.

In this video, Laci Green of the Sex Plus YouTube series talks about how how feminism is still relevant today. After watching Laci’s video, you can refer to these links for more information on the facts she talks about and on women, themselves.


  1. Hollywood’s Race & Gender-Based Casting
  2. Women of Color in the Movies
  3. State policy trends of 2013 (abortion restrictions)
  4. Gender Gap in the 2012 Election Coverage
  5. The Status of Women in the Media 2013 – Report
  6. Studio Responsibility Index (LGBT Characters in the Media)
  7. The Wage Gap, By Gender and Race
  8. Women and Money
  9. Women in the Boardroom World Map – Hiring Trends
  10. Women in STEM Fields
  11. Rape Culture in Brazil
  12. Child Brides in Yemen

And lastly, what’s your view on feminism? Don’t be afraid to express yourself.


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