New Survey to Collect Data about Sexual Assault in the Millitary

Earlier last week the pentagon launched largest survey ever released to document sexual assault in the military. The Pentagon released the survey in the hopes of getting more feedback than ever before so that progress can be assessed in the prevention and response to sexual assault occurring in the military.

This is in part due in response to widespread criticism faced by the military after a report showed an increase in unreported sexual assaults that went from  19,000 in 2010 to more than 26,000 in 2013 according Feminist Majority’s blog). After hearing of this increase in massive increase of sexual assaults in the military President Obama held a conference to discuss the issue and urged officials to take actions in preventing the issue and charging those responsible.

The survey issued last week was part of a larger full scale report to track progress on eliminating sexual assault by December of this year.  This is one of several actions President Obama has taken to try an end sexual assaults occurring in the military including the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act which has increased efforts to prevent sexual assault as well as strengthen protection for sexual assault victims in the military.

Though I will admit that I’m no expert on the subject of sexual assault occurring in the military, but I do think that it’s issue that doesn’t get enough attention and definitely needs to be addressed.  The most knowledge I have on this issue comes from the documentary “The Invisible War“;  which is a really great and eye-opening documentary about sexual assault happening in the military.

I was quite surprised to find that sexual assault was such a prevalent issue in the military especially since it seems to get so little attention.  Therefore I really hope this survey really brings more exposure to the issue, because as horrible of a crime that rape is, I find it even more disturbing that it’s happening so much to those in the military and it’s also swept under the rug quite a bit (another issue highlighted in “the Invisible War”) considering all they go through to keep the country safe   I’m also hoping that this survey will spark further action to prevent rape in the military, prosecute those responsible, and above all, provide better protection for rape victims in the military, because it’s about time action was taken to protect those who sacrifice so much to protect us.


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