The Road to Revolution So Far

I’m writing this as a response to one of my popular posts so far, which due to what I consider an unfortunate lack of posts so far, has been one of my first posts titled “And So the Road to Revolution Begins”,  This was essentially my debut post in which I talked about the reasoning behind me writing a blog about feminism as well as what kind things of I would be posting about on my blog.

My intention was to at some point be somewhat revolutionary with this blog (hence the title “Revolution to Redefine”) since I believed a male feminist being outspoken about the issue would be quite unique to the online feminist community since males choosing to spend their time advocating for a cause that’s primarily advocated for by women.  I have also hoped that at some point this blog would inspire other guys to be more sensitive towards feminism and even advocate for the cause, especially since so much of the backlash and criticism faced by feminists is done by males who fear they may have something to lose should women ever achieve equality in all aspects of society with men.

At this point I deeply regret to say that I’ve been coming up short in these goals.  I’m aware that these aspirations that I have for this blog may seem a bit too high and if anything they would at least take a reasonable amount of time to achieve (certainly not something that can be easily achieved within a few months) however I also feel like I would have made much more progress towards these goals had I been posting more throughout this semester.

IT’s not that I’m apathetic or not passionate about writing this blog, especially since I was really excited to have the opportunity to write a blog on the subject of feminism from a male’s perspective for a class. However this has also been the first time in nearly two years that I’ve taken five classes in one semester, and while I don’t mean to make excuses, getting used to that level of time management and responsibility has been somewhat challenging for me, especially considering I forgot how time consuming it can be to regularly write and update a blog.  But even so, I’m determined that no matter what the outcome of this class or what next semester has to bring, to make time to write in this blog more regularly (perhaps every Friday) so that hopefully the goals I have for this blog can be eventually achieved.


One thought on “The Road to Revolution So Far

  1. It took me a while to get into a good rhythm too. I made a page for my posting schedule so I felt like I would be held more accountable to my readers, much like this post which is kind of a re-commitment. I hope to read more!


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