What do we Define as Being Masculine in Today’s Society?

What do we define as being masculine in today’s society? In today’s society, there could be perhaps various different things that people define as being masculine.  However just as there are many things in today’s society that people could define as being masculine, there are also many things that people could define as being not masculine at all as well.  Therefore in order to be able to properly identify what’s most commonly being identified as being properly “masculine” in today’s society, we must begin to examine the different factors that influence our ideas of masculinity, however diverse those ideas of masculinity are.

One of the things that I believe is most commonly influencing our ideals about what defines masculinity is media.  The media is a very powerful tool in influencing our ideas about a lot of different things, such as our ideals about family, relationships, school, and so fourth.  On some occasions it can even be beneficial for the media to influence a person’s ideals about something.  Though I believe that the media plays a very heavy role in society about our ideals of what’s properly “masculine” and what’s properly “feminine,” I would love to see other people’s thoughts about whether or not the media heavily influences our ideals about what’s properly “masculine” and whats properly “feminine” and also if people that there are other factors other than media in our society influencing these things.


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