Girls in the Gaming Industry

As a feminist, I feel like this an issue that is often overlooked in gaming or an are of concern that needs more attention. It’s time to put an end to the notion that all girl gamers are hyper-sexualized beings instead of just ordinary people enjoying playing a game

Lyfe in Pixels

In preparation for today’s post, I began watching some YouTube videos focused around girls in the gaming industry. But, one line caught my eye.

“Contrary to what Google Images will have you believe, the majority of us [girl gamers] are not sex goddesses who only play in our underwear.”

Is this what we have been programmed to believe?


Why is she biting her DS?

However, the truth is, a lot of female celebrities play games. What if I told you that, Cameron Diaz plays an Alliance Gnome Rogue in World of Warcraft? Would you be surprised? Why?


Who is to blame for these stereotypes? It very well has nothing to do with our male counterparts.

The idea that the girl gaming community is a minority, is a popular misconception. ESA reported the 2010 online gaming breakdown to be 42% female gamers, 58% male gamers. Still, not 100% equal but i’ll take that over a…

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