A Confession about Sexual Promiscuity

Hello all, so since my last post in which I went on a rant about the deplorable state of our country’s sex education curriculum (or lack there of), I have been quite interested in sex education as well as sexual exploration.  Though I can honestly say that my interest in sex education comes from noble intentions, I don’t feel that I can say the same about my interest in sexual exploration, or in clearer terms; my desire to have meaningless sex with as many random girls as possible.  It may seem rather contradictory for me to confess such a desire on here (considering this is a feminist blog) therefore I feel it is necessary to explain myself.  You see, before I had any desire to have meaningless sex with as many girls as possible, I had a girlfriend who had had many sexual partners and experiences before me.  I had had none before her.   In fact it was barely even a week into our relationship when we first started becoming sexually active with each other.  We also didn’t even have a talk about being sexually active with each other until my roommate unfortunately walked in on us.  During our discussion, I expressed that I felt hesitant and conflicted about having sex with each other so soon into our relationship since I felt the faster we rushed into having sex with each other, the sooner we would break up. When I expressed these thoughts to her, I honestly though she would respect my feelings of being hesitant and conflicted about having sex right away and would therefore wait until I felt ready enough to have sex with her.  Nowadays I feel like an idiot for thinking that she respected my feelings towards having sex with her, because instead of having sex with me when I felt ready enough to have sex with her, she instead cheated on me with some other guy, bringing an end to our relationship.

This is how my desire to have meaningless sex with as many random girls started.  Before my now ex-girlfriend I had viewed sex as the most intimate experience a couple could share with each other that should be discussed carefully with each other before engaging in sex.  However after the discovery of her cheating on me, I’ve then come to view sex as just a meaningless and harmless activity to do just for the fun of it.  No bother being hesitant about it.  No bother feeling conflicted about it.  Don’t even bother discussing it before hand. If it feels right in the moment, just do it.  In fact I even sometimes regret feeling hesitant and conflicted about having sex with my ex since I can’t help thinking that maybe she wouldn’t have cheated on me had I had sex with her right away like she wanted.  What’s even worse is that I feel inadequate in comparison to her since she had had so many sexual partners and experiences before me, and I had had none before her.   So I suppose you could say that my desire to have meaningless sex with as many random girls doesn’t necessarily come from a selfish need to fulfill my own sexual gratification, but instead out of an insecure fear of feeling inadequate.  I wish I could say that this has also led me to have several sexual partners and experiences since breaking up with my ex just as she had had before me.  Instead however it has led me time and time again to the realization of how terrible our sex education curriculum is in this country and the devastating consequences of what can happen without one, and even worse the effects of what can happen when you alter your view of sex for someone else.

In my long and complicated quest throughout this summer to have meaningless sex with as many random girls as possible, one method that I frequently tried using was online dating websites.  I spent a lot of time messaging girls who had profiles that mentioned they were looking to have casual sex.  Though this didn’t yield much success for me, every now and then I would come across a profile of some girl that although suggested she was looking to have casual sex with someone, their profile also suggested that they were deeply troubled and had a low self esteem.  For some guys a young troubled girl with a low self-esteem may seem like an easy target to manipulate into having sex with them.  However when I came across such girls, I didn’t see someone who I could easily manipulate into having sex with me, I saw some who was broken and damaged, and deserved to have someone who was willing to be there for them whenever they needed someone, and someone who would desire nothing more or less than their happiness.  I must confess that I actually hated feeling this way and often tried to deny it (and sometimes still do), because that’s exactly the same way I felt about my ex. You see for a while before my ex and I began dating, even before we met each other, I had known of her by hearing about her record of promiscuity, and was often talked about by several people in a degrading manor where she was commonly referred to with derogatory terms such as “slut” and “whore.”  When I first met her see her as the horrible person so many people made her out to be.  In fact I even though she seemed pretty nice.  However there were times in the course of our relationship, and especially after my roommate had walked in on us, that she expressed how unhappy she was with herself at times, in which I sensed that she too felt troubled with herself and had a low self esteem just like some of the girls I cam across that were looking for casual sex.  I also sensed that she possibly even regretted some of her sexual partners and experiences, and there were several instances in which I questioned whether or not the troubled girls with low self esteem were honestly doing so out of a desire for casual sex, or out of an insecure fear out of feeling inadequate just as I was.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m interested in having casual sex with numerous different girls, however I am ashamed to feel similar to guys that manipulate troubled girls with a low self esteem into having sex with them, because as much as I may want casual sex right now, I don’t want it if it is to come at the cost of potentially hurting some sad girl even more than she’s already been hurt.  I’ve met far too many girls that have had sex with guys, sometimes numerous different guys, because it’s the only way they know how to feel accepted by them or among guys in general.  I think it’s awful that any girl should ever feel so low about herself that the only she can think of to get guys to like and accept her is to have sex with them, but what’s even worse is that she’s taught that she shouldn’t even be accepted by anyone; that she doesn’t even deserve to be accepted by anyone; and that she especially doesn’t even deserve to be in a meaningful relationship.  She’s referred to by anyone who’s known of her promiscuity as a slut, as a whore, as a cunt, as being unable to keep her legs closed, as being dirty, filthy, someone who should ultimately be unwanted and avoided by anyone and everyone, making her self esteem sink lower than before.  One part of my relationship with my ex that hurt me the most, even more than her cheating on me, was all the times she said I was “too good of a boyfriend for her” that “she didn’t deserve to be with me” how she felt she was “so ugly sometimes” how she wanted to just “change her reputation” but she couldn’t because she felt “there was a wall between her and what she wanted to be happy.”

Despite the fact that she cheated on me, I still believes that she deserves to be happy, and I’m honestly tired of everyone around me telling me that she doesn’t deserve to by happy.  I’m even more tired of a sex education that teaches that girls with a history of promiscuity don’t deserve to be happy either. Among all the problems in our modern day sex education in this country that I have recently been exposed too, I honestly think that one of the worst things being taught is how females with one or more sexual partners before marriage she’s then somehow less valuable as a person. As I discussed in my last post, I perhaps one of the worst consequences of abstinence-only sex education is that it puts so much emphasis on scaring girls out of having sex before they’re married by teaching them that they’ll be less valuable if they do that it can absolutely cripple the self esteem of girls who have had sex before marriage, and what’s worse is that this way of thinking apparently only applies to females and not to males.

This is how the viscous cycle of girls thinking so lowly of themselves that they use sex as a means of gaining acceptance from males, only to feel worse about herself and be degraded by everyone around her.  This idea that girls are less valued and should be looked down upon simply because of who she’s had sex with, especially if she’s had sex with one or more person outside of relationship, has to stop.  And it has to stop at the source.  We need a sex education that teaches that no one, regardless of however many or how little sexual partners they have had/or will have, is less valuable as a person.  Everyone has they’re own value and self worth as a person, and no educational institution, especially not sex education should teach them otherwise.  It’s time we took a stand for a revolution in sex education in this country, because teaching this damaging lesson about adolescent girls (while also never talking about adolescent guys in the same manner)  being essentially worthless just because they may have had sex before marriage is outdated, noneducational, and doing for more harm than good to the self-esteem and well being of young girls and women across the country.


My Problem with Abstinence-Only Sex Education

Hello all, tonight I’m writing this in response to a video that has me quite frustrated about the current status of sex education in the U.S. the video I watched was a segment from the talk show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” about how sex education is being taught in schools across the country.  The segment contained several clips of actual sex ed videos that are being shown to countless adolescents across the country.  To be honest, some of the things said in these clips really pisses me off quite a bit.

The first clip that had me quite infuriated was a clip from an abstinence-only sex ed organization called “No Screwing Around” in which spokeswomen, Pam Stenzel says “Boys, if there’s a girl throwing herself at you, if she’s the one pressuring you for sex, if this is a girl that’s dressing in that manner that says, not only to you, but to the rest of the world, “take me now”, I have a little word of advice for you; run from this girl! Run! I did not say walk away slowly, I said run from her!”

Now when I first heard her say this, my first thought was, “Just what in the F***K do you mean “dress in that manner that says take me now?” are you literally saying that the way a girl dresses is an indication that she wants to have sex with anyone that’s willing? I couldn’t help the feeling that the message this women, Pam Stenzel, was basically conveying was that girls that just dress in a manner that suggests they’re sexual promiscuous, let alone even actually being sexually promiscuous, are something that all young men need to avoid like the plague.

I wish I could say that this was the only clip of a sex education video that felt blatantly sexist and misogynistic towards female sexuality, but sadly, it wasn’t. In fact, and I kid you not, there was even a clip in which a non-virgin woman was compared to a dirty pair of shoes.  Seriously.

The clip begins with the women’s fiancé finding a pair of sneakers and asks “Michelle, what are these? To which she responds “my sneakers” Her fiancé then goes on to say “Michelle, what is this? It looks like the entire football team has been in these!” (as if to suggest that the girl he plans on marrying has had sex with an entire football team). Her response to this accusation? “Well. I made them all wear socks (condoms)” Her fiancé then delivers his final line after hearing the “heartbreaking” news that his fiancé has slept with the entire football team saying ”Michelle, socks don’t protect my heart” with her giving the closing line of  “I wish I could go back in time, and make a commitment to be abstinent until marriage”

Now there’s a lot of things that I could say as to why I find such abstinence-only sex education that promotes such a negative view of sexuality, especially female sexuality so offense (which I may write about in later posts) but the three biggest things I feel compelled to mention the most is that abstinence-only sex education like this number one condones rape, number two teaches rape victims that they’re worthless, and number three teaches victims that it’s their fault if they get raped.

First of all I feel that abstinence only sex-education condones rape because it spends so much time teaching adolescents such a negative view of sexual relationships outside of marriage that it completely fails to teach them about what a healthy sexual relationship is.  The reason this is a problem is because adolescents these days are typically much more influenced by what they see in the media, whether it’s through movies, TV shows, music, which unfortunately may promote sexual relationships with an extreme amount of violence in them as “healthy” or “normal.” This wouldn’t be such a problem if most adolescents in this country could receive an adequate sex education that taught them “rape is bad and unacceptable in any form of a sexual relationship” yet unfortunately we have a sex education that says “any kind of sexual relationship outside of marriage is bad and unacceptable” unfortunately not making any clear distinction between healthy sexual relationships and violent and abusive sexual relationships.

Second of all, since abstinence-only sex education makes no distinction between sexual violence and abuse such as rape and consensual sexual relationships, (since they teach adolescents that both are equally as bad) and also teach that anyone who has engaged in any kind of sexual activity outside of marriage, especially females, are essentially worthless, it also teaches that rape victims are essentially worthless. The episode even contained a clip of a testimony given by Elizabeth Smart, who was kidnapped and assaulted when she was fourteen referencing one of the degrading metaphors that a sex-ed teacher told her comparing those who have engaged in pre-marital sex to chewed up pieces of gum.  Such a message can have a devastating impact on people’s self-esteem, and absolutely no one should be taught to have such negative view of themselves, especially not rape victims.

Lastly I feel that abstinence-only sex education that especially puts heavy emphasis on girls to stay abstinent by not “dressing” or “acting” in a manner that suggests they want to have sex in order to avoid guys who may want to have sex or pressure them into having sex with them, including guys that may want to rape them is telling young girls that it’s their fault if they get raped because of how they “acted” or “dressed.” No one who has ever been a victim of rape should be told it’s their fault because of how they were acting or what they were wearing, though I do believe that the large part of the blame falls on the sex education that told them spent so much time telling girls not to get raped instead of teaching guys not to rape.  It’s absolutely ridiculous to me that we still have a sex education in this country that teaches people to responsible for that negative actions of others instead of teaching them to be responsible for their own actions.

Like I said there is a lot more that I could say about my frustration over the current state of sex education in this country, (which I will probably say later) but these are the three main things that I wanted to mention for now.  I hope that such problems in our sex education system in this country will soon be resolved, but I feel that these problems won’t be resolved without a complete overhaul with the way we teach sex education in this country. Hopefully that change will come soon rather than later.

Help End Revenge Porn

Although I haven’t written in this blog for a while, there have been a recent series of events that I have seen occur over the past couple weeks that have strongly compelled me to once again begin writing in this blog. Though some of these events have been personal, the majority of these events have been trending across mainstream and social media, such as the transphobic backlash against Caitlyn Jenner and the Duggar family Scandal of Josh Duggar molesting his younger sisters.  Though I intend to express my views on all of these issues sooner rather than later, one of the most profoundly disturbing issues that I have chosen to write about this week has been a petition I saw posted on Facebook by a friend of mine earlier this week.

The petition was started by Youtube star Chrissy Chambers calling for the passage of a federal law that would criminalize the act of uploading “revenge porn” (sexually explicit photos/videos of someone uploaded to the internet without their consent).  On the petition’s web page Chambers describes how when herself became a victim of this degrading act when she began receiving messages containing links to videos of her and an ex-boyfriend who filmed them having sex without her knowledge or consent.  Chambers claims the video was uploaded to over thirty different pornography sites by an ex-boyfriend who she had a long-distance relationship with when she was 18 after they had broken up. As a result of the humiliating videos being shared across the internet, she began to develop night terrors and would have frequent night terrors and nightmares commonly involving her ex boyfriend hurting or raping her, and also became an alcoholic to numb the depression and anxiety she was feeling until she stopped drinking when she was hospitalized after passing out from drinking too much.

I therefore strongly encourage everyone who reads this to sign the petition to help urge our government to pass a law criminalizing this act as it has clearly caused a great deal of damage to Chrissy Chambers’ life.  Unfortunately this is only one individual case that is being made widely public while there is a countless number of cases similar to this one if not worse where individuals have had their lives as they know them ruined by this immature act of vengeance. It is clearly evident that this act causes a great deal of damage to the victims involved, and yet sadly the people responsible for the damage face no legal repercussions whatsoever  due to the lack of federal laws criminalizing the act of uploading and distributing revenge porn across the internet.  Hopefully this petition will help to change that and lead to the passage of a law that will protect those who have been the unfortunate victims of being filmed or photographed in any sexual manner without their knowledge and/or consent as well as achieve justice for those who have had such material of them shared across the internet and cause untold damage to their lives.

You can find a link to the petition here
You can also find a video of Chrissy Chambers explaining her ordeal here
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Standing at a Cross Roads

For almost two years now, I have been wanting to fully write and publish a novel.  Sadly though I must say that I feel a few essential things are missing.  I certainly don’t feel that I’m lacking any ideas for a story that I’d like to write as a novel since I have several notebooks that have various ideas summarized in them.  I’ve even gone as far as writing the first few chapters for some of them, totaling over 50 pages in a number of different stories I’ve started writing.

The fact that I have over 50 pages written across various different stories that I’ve started illustrates my two biggest flaws as a writer: my lack self discipline and my indecisiveness.  I have a hard time writing on a consistent basis; usually only writing for about 3-4 days and then not going back to it for a few months.  Despite this lack of being able to commit myself to writing on a more regular basis, I feel like this is the biggest problem since I feel like this lack of self discipline I have is actually caused by my indecisiveness.

If I had a story idea that I was really passionate about, I feel like it wouldn’t be too hard to commit myself to writing it from start to finish.  I know it would probably be hard at first, but eventually I would eventually develop the discipline to write it on a regular basis so long as I am passionate about it enough.  Of all the story ideas that I have written down so far, the two that I really feel strongly about is a story about a female college student who leads a boycott and a strike against a coffee shop franchise, and the second story is one that chronicles a prostitute’s adolescent life  and all the unfortunate events that lead her to prostitution.

Both of these different story ideas have their own inspirations.  The first idea which I titled “An Honest Working Girl” which I came up with this past summer as a sort of  modern-day take on Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” since I read it this summer.  The second which I titled “The Prostitute Diary” (since some of the story is narrated from passages in her diary) is actually an idea that I came up with a long time ago, after I first saw the music video for Ed Sheeran’s song “The A Team,” which in fact is a song about a drug-addicted prostitute itself.

Between these two competing story ideas that I have I feel as though the easiest one to write would be “An Honest Working Girl.” After all being a seemingly underpaid franchise worker with practically no money is something that I certainly have plenty of experience with which has also contributed to my inspiration for the story.  As for the other story, prostitution is obviously a subject that I’ve had no experience with and especially not the other issues that the story deals with, such as rape and drug addiction. However I also feel like this is the most necessary story to write.

Unfortunately though I feel “The prostitute Diary” is the most necessary story to write, I’ve also had several doubts about it as well.  My biggest concern is that I’m afraid of  possibly offending or upsetting someone since the story deals with several subjects that I don’t have much experience with.  However despite this concern I still feel that of all my story ideas that the story of a prostitute’s life from adolescence until she unfortunately ends up in prostitution is the most necessary to write, and for several reasons too.

First of all though I have said that rape is not a subject I’ve had much experience with, I have had several friends who have unfortunately been rape victims themselves, and it profoundly disturbs me sometimes when I think about how they have has such a terrible thing happen to them.  I even used to feel a deep sense of guilt after parting ways with some of those friends.

I know I can’t change their pasts and I know I alone cannot stop rape from ever happening to anyone else, but I also know that I can possibly change the minds of a few who think rape isn’t such a serious issue by showing them some of the worst things that rape can eventually lead a person to since their is in fact a high percentage of prostitutes have been victims of sexual assault before (according to Prostitute’s Education Network, at least 75% of prostitutes were sexually or physically abused as children).

I also hope that in writing the unfortunate story of a rape victim who ends up in prostitution that as difficult and as possibly daring as this task may be, that it will also encourage other young men to take on similar extraordinary actions to take a stand against rape, since I would imagine that writing a story about a rape victim that becomes a prostitute is not something that most people would expect a young men such as myself to write.  So if I should decide to write this story out of my many other story ideas, I hope that I am successful enough to get it published as a novel, that hopefully it will gain some notoriety, and that above all it will get  those who are indifferent to realize what a severe issue rape really is, and that it will encourage other young men and other people to take a significant stand to prevent this terrible crime from happening some day.

My Problem with “Toddlers and Tiaras”

So as I have come home from school and I’m currently on winter break, I’ve been plenty of time relaxing after finals; sitting on my couch playing video games and watching TV.  The other day however I was flipping through channels when I came across a commercial for the show “Toddlers and Tiaras.”  My first initial reaction towards seeing the commercial was to immediately change the channel, as the show quite honestly disgusts me (it’s bad enough there’s kids as young as four years old competing in beauty pageants, It’s worse that it’s televised.)

However I was somewhat compelled to watch the rest of the commercial due to the fact the episode being featured in the commercial seemed particularly appalling, since the spin on this featured episode were that the parents of this particular “toddler” were the owners of a strip club.  What I found even more profoundly disturbing was that weren’t even discreet about their business to their young daughter. The commercial featured a scene with some of the strippers from the club talking to the girl and even asking her to “show them some moves” where she attempted to perform a split on a pole.

Before I go any further in describing the details of this commercial that I found disturbing, I’d like to first express my reasoning for why I’m disgusted by the show “Toddler’s and Tiaras” and not just because I don’t want to offend any fans of the show.  You see I have no problem with children, even as young as four, being in competitions.  I myself can remember being involved in a competitive sport every year for as long as I can remember until graduating high school (with the exception of seventh grade when I lost interest in baseball).

What I do have a problem with is children as young as four being in competitions where they’re being judged mostly on their looks.  Being judged on their looks is something that almost all young people struggle with in their adolescent lives, and in today’s modern world of photo-shopped models  and spray-on tans, I think it’s a trend occurring way too much these days.  Especially when you consider the fact that problems such as depression, eating disorders, and overall body dissatisfaction is on the rise these days among adolescents.  Furthermore I feel as though having a child compete in something where them winning is almost entirely determined by their looks is only starting them on this typical trend far too early before they can even develop any self worth that isn’t based on their looks.  It’s hard enough already for some people to develop any self worth that doesn’t revolve around their looks.

As for the parents featured in the particular commercial I saw, as much as I want to criticize them for exposing their daughter to their business of owning a strip club (not to even mention having their daughter compete in beauty pageants) in the end it is up to them to properly raise their daughter as they see fit, with or without the opinions of others  Therefore all I can say is this : That with children, the younger they are; the more impressionable they are.

Their biggest aspirations are to be like the people they admire most regardless if what the person does is good or bad, because a lot of times they can’t even distinguish what’s good or bad without the influence of the people raising them.  So keep that in mind and be careful of who your daughter aspires to be, because the last thing that any parent would want for their child is to aspire to be a stripper.

Furthermore if you want your children to be in competitions, teach them to compete in athletics, in academics, in the arts- teach them to develop a self worth that doesn’t revolve around their looks, because the truth is that they probably are gonna struggle with their looks at some point in their young lives, regardless of however many beauty pageants they compete in when they’re young.  So again, raise them to have a self worth that doesn’t revolve around their looks, and they’ll be better for it.

Nerf’s Failed Attempt Appealing to Girls

So as it’s the holiday season, tons of parents are the latest and greatest toys for their kids.  This used to be my favorite part of the holiday season; just going to stores to see all the awesome new toys that stores had on display.  I’ll even admit that sometimes when I go to a store I can’t help but go to the toy section sometimes (and without any shame that I’m a 22 year old college student).  However there is one thing that I suppose has changed, as I have become more aware of gender inequality over the years, there is something that I have noticed more and more over every time I go to a toy store, which is that toys that have been enjoyed by both girls and boys are being more marketed individually towards boys and girls.

One example that immediately comes to mind is toy company Hasbro coming out with  a whole new line of their popular Nerf gun toys just for girls.  As one who has spent a considerable amount of time playing with Nerf guns, I thought this was kind of ridiculous considering I’ve seen plenty of girls playing with Nerf guns and the idea that they needed to come up with whole new line of products just to appeal to girls just seems completely unnecessary, which blogger the Daily Geekette has commented that Nerf guns have always been a gender-neutral toy to begin with.  Just put a picture on the box of a girl playing with a Nerf gun instead of a boy all the time, and I guarantee you girls will buy it.

Some people have taken further offense to these products such as blogger Girly Gamer saying “I despise it, it is lazy marketing at it’s finest” Girly Gamer isn’t the only one criticizing Nerf for this rather unnecessary marketing campaign.  Another popular blogger who specializes in modifying Nerf Guns known as  Rage Girl who further remarked about how she felt the new products tailored to girls were not only unnecessary but infective, saying “Making something pink is not going to draw me into it…”

There are some bloggers who are not only taking offense to this new line of nerf guns being specifically marketed to girls, but are even taking offense at the names for these new  products.  One particular blogger known as Phek Trek who wrote a passage in her post the bow-styled blaster which Nerf labeled “the Heartbreaker bow” which she said on the products name ” It paints a picture of a girl turning down a guy because she’s a strong independent woman who don’t need no man, that this is something to be mourn” which is a statement I would have to agree with as well, since I highly doubt there would be a Nerf gin marketed to boys that would carry such a ridiculous name as “the Heartbreaker Bow” or “Pink Crush (actual names of actual blasters in the Rebelle line of blasters).

Despite Nerf’s need to create a whole new line of products to appeal to girls, luckily there are some Toy sellers that have done the only thing that has ever needed to be done to market traditional “boy” toys to girls, such as a Sewdish toy catalog that according to Feminist Truths showed an advertisement of  a girl playing with a Nerf gun- and not one from the Rebelle line of products.  Perhaps as I said earlier this is all you need to do to market a toy that’s traditionally geared to boys to get it to appeal to girls.  Regardless I hope such an example as this toy catalog set and not the one set by Nerf catches on and we can hopefully live in a world where all toys are gender-neutral and there won’t be a need to creat a whole new line of products jet to market to the opposite sex.

Gender Inequality in Mainstream Films

Today I came across post from a while back on on the New York Film Academy’s blog page discussed in detail the amount of gender inequality in mainstream Hollywood films.   the post highlighted several areas in the film industry where there is still quite a clear gender gap which were well illustrated with several statistics,  including how they are often portrayed in films in comparison to how men are portrayed, who are some of the most influential women in the film industry, and how many women occupy top positions in the film industry in comparison.

The statistics presented by the New York Film Academy’s post about how women are portrayed in comparison to how men are portrayed which were derived from the top 500 grossing films over a five year period between 2007 and 2012 were a little disheartening at first glance.  28.8% of women wore sexually revealing clothes in these films in comparison to just 7.0% of men, 26.2% of women get partially naked in these films in comparison to just 9.4% of men, the average ratio of male to female actors in these films was 2.25 to 1, and other statistics tat indicated a clear imbalance of women being portrayed in these films in comparison ro how men are portrayed.

However among these rather disheartening statistics there were also some encouraging statics about trends in the portrayal of women noticed in these films. The statistics showed that between 2007 and 2012 there was a 10.6% increase in women noticed on screen in films where a women was directing and an 8.7% increase when a female screen writer is attached and also the statistic that half of all movie tickets purchased in the U.S. were purchased by females.

Though the first set of statistics in this post seemed to disheartening about the state of gender inequality of female portrayals in the top 500 grossing films between 2007 and 2012, I do believe that this second set of statistics offers some hope to the future of gender equality in mainstream films.  Though I am aware that could possibly take quite a while before women achieve equal parity in mainstream films with men, I am hopefully we will see more females taking initiative in the film industry and ultimately challenge and bring positive changes to the gender inequality in mainstream Hollywood films these days.